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Building a Healthy Brand Made Easy

Written by Brad McElroy

Branding is your story. It’s your connection to your audience — the truth you weave into the fabric of who your company is, what it believes, and why people should care. It lets clients know what to expect from your company and why you’re better than the competition.   

The thing about branding is that it has to be done correctly and consistently to be effective in today’s market, not just for the customer’s sake, but for your business’ sake, too.

At Eighty Three Creative, we help clients build healthy brands every day, and we do so through a process called brand immersion. It’s not just for new brands, either! If you have an existing brand but aren’t thrilled with your identity or the personality you’re portraying to the world, we can help you build a healthier brand through brand immersion.

What is a Brand Immersion?

An ETC Brand Immersion is a deep dive into your brand and the key features that make it unique. It’s accomplished through a transparent dialogue of experience sharing, future brand vision, and strategic communication to facilitate brand development, socialization, and adoption.

During a Brand Immersion, we guide you through a series of exercises designed to isolate the key values that define your brand. At the end of these exercises, you leave with a solid understanding of who your brand is, how you want to be viewed, and how to execute a cohesive brand experience across all your communication channels.

How It Works

1. Pre-Work

The first step to a healthier brand is pre-work. When you sign on for a Brand Immersion, we will send you and your team some pre-work documents to complete to assist in a successful Brand Immersion. These documents include a client needs analysis and a SWOT analysis. We also ask that you provide us with any existing style sheets or brand guidelines you may have.

2. Discovery Meeting

In the discovery meeting, we take a deep dive into your brand and its needs. We’ll start by reviewing the documents you have provided and continue with general discussions about your brand. The goal is to understand as much about your brand as possible.   

3. Brand Activities

Next, we’ll go through a series of activities designed to help you personify your brand and think critically about your audience, brand voice, colors, and more.

4. Project Plan

After we have completed the Brand Immersion, your account manager and one of our project managers will work with you to establish a timeline for all deliverables included with your Brand Immersion package. This includes logo design, collateral pieces, style sheets, brand books, etc.

5. Brand Collateral

Our Triple Shot Brand Immersion comes with a comprehensive brand book. This book will house all of your brand’s guidelines for design and communication. It’s everything you need to keep your brand unified and consistent! Single Shot and Double Shot Brand Immersions come with a style sheet or style guide, respectively.

6. Presentation

After we have completed the brand collateral, we’ll schedule a meeting so that we can present you with your new brand book and answer any questions you may have.

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