Whitebox Real Estate

The Baby Campaign

Whitebox Real Estate, LLC is a startup, tenant-focused commercial real estate and development firm specializing in a variety of real estate services. They approached us for a well-rounded campaign that shared their young brand in a relatable way and stood apart from the competition.

The Challenge

Commercial real estate tends to be a conservative industry. Whitebox wanted to make an impact while creatively introducing their brand’s unique identity. Their main challenge was being able to grab attention and stand out in a saturated market while still being relevant and professional.

The Solution

We created the campaign positioning statement “Experienced at Birth,” which illustrated Whitebox as a new company having industry experience matching their competitors. To communicate this message visually, we created a series of aged babies.

The campaign was eye-catching and whimsical, but polished and relatable.

Headquartered in Dallas, we chose a well-known local publication first: D CEO | D Magazine. The readership aligns well with the Whitebox target demographic: 69% of readers hold a C-suite title, 88% influence company purchasing decisions, and with an average reading time of 41 minutes, we were sure to reach the right people. The babies were published in four issues of D CEO.

We also published the Whitebox babies in American Way to reach high-level business executives that travel often.

Lastly, we launched this campaign digitally across social media ads on Facebook and Instagram as well as a Google display ad campaign that targeted potential customers, website visitors, and specific mailing lists from Whitebox sponsored events.

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