Are You Dating Your Creative Agency?

Picture this:

Getting picked up at the door, with your favorite coffee in hand, the bar is stocked with your drink of choice, and you might just get invited to the latest game or dinner. While these might be things you expect on a date, is it something you expect from your agency? If not, you might want to rethink your relationship.


At Eighty Three Creative Inc., we live by our “Client First” mentality, and that permeates every interaction we have and every decision we make. Since day one, it’s been our goal to provide excellent service to every client, and to create a lasting and happy relationship.

Every client gets the same high-touch attention to make their experience with Eighty Three Creative like a great date. Here are some of the things we do differently to make that happen:

Meeting Pick Up

We know time is your most valuable resource, so we ensure that meetings make the most of your time. Rather than asking you to sit in traffic to come meet us, we take away that burden by sending our car directly to your door prior to a meeting.

With your favorite coffee ready to go, you can use the drive time to send emails, take a phone call, or even recap our last meeting. Your business doesn’t have to stop running just so you can make a meeting.

When you arrive at the ETC office, you’re dropped off at the front door, and greeted by a member of your account team. There’s no stress in finding parking, dealing with downtown traffic, or struggling to find the office. Instead, we can get straight into what matters – your business. And when it’s time to head back, we make the commute just as seamless.

Open Bar


Now, we know we’re not the first agency to have a bar in the office. But in order to make you feel more at home, we’ve stocked ours with your favorite cocktail and leave the door open. Our library is the perfect place to pop the bubbly for your brand launch!

We get that not all meetings happen between 9 am and 5 pm, which is why we want you to feel comfortable grabbing a drink, and relaxing on the couch in our library while we talk. Not a drinker? Our bar also happens to be stocked and ready to make lattes, cappuccinos, espressos. Just in case you didn’t get enough of a caffeine kick on the drive over.

Free Meetings

Not every company can shell out $10K just for a meeting, but every business can benefit from growing their branding and marketing efforts. At ETC, we firmly believe that every company should have a chance to work with an agency, so we don’t impose a financial wall that few can climb over. Instead, we offer free meetings so together, we can decide if ETC can provide what you’re looking for, and if it’ll be a good fit for your brand.

Individual Needs

There’s no Monday blues here, we make things happen. #EightyThreeCreative

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We never pigeonhole clients. Period. Every project and every client is unique, and we treat it that way. Our job first and foremost is to listen, not to prescribe set solutions. Your business, your brand, your marketing needs are all unique. Once we’ve heard your side, our team will collaborate to provide a completely new and fresh creative plan just for you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing, so we don’t try to sell you one.


Award Winning Work


It’s hard not to show off on a date, and we feel the same way about working on your brand. Along with the chance to build a relationship, every project gives us a chance to flex our creative muscles and push the boundaries on what we can deliver.

For our client, Whitebox Real Estate, that meant taking their desire to stand out in their industry to a whole new level. From their name and branding, to their website and digital presence, our creative team couldn’t help but show off our unique ideas. Beyond building a brand that truly embodies their business, we received six marketing and advertising awards for their logo, website and magazine campaign.

All of these things add up to that “Client First” mentality. We think it’s pretty simple; if you’re not getting treated like the only client, then how do you know your project is? Most importantly, our number one goal is to make sure we produce the type of work that speaks to your business. We guarantee to deliver the results you signed up for.

When you want to see what it feels like to come first with your agency, let us know and we’ll pick you up! We can then chat about how to meet your individual needs.

If the timing makes sense and you’re free, consider it a date!