Game of Branding Agencies: Making Your Brand the First of its Name

When you’re in the game of branding agencies…

You either win or you end up rebranding — there is no middle ground.

Your brand is your empire, and finding a marketing agency you can trust to help you build that empire is not an easy task, but it should also not incite you to fall on your own sword — or pour poison into your wine, whichever.

Here are four personalities to be on the lookout for when your business is searching for the right branding agency to design your sigil (your brand).

Are you ready?

Warning: Game of Thrones GIF spoilers ahead. But you should already be caught up at this point, because duh. 🤷🏼‍♀️

House Lanister

The Lannister’s are the ones in the big buildings on multiple floors, and often have Lords in multiple cities. These “big” agencies control a large portion of the market, and do business with household names. Meetings with them can come with a large price tag (monetarily speaking of course, since we live in real life and not the world of Westeros).

Are they good at what they do? Of course they are, otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are. They can be totally into themselves however, and they’re definitely willing to do whatever it takes to get their way. The Lannister agencies are known for their inter-office betrayal and backstabbing.

If you’re looking for attention to detail, you’ll get it, but you might be disappointed with the level of service you receive. Their main concern is keeping a choke-hold on the entire realm.

House Stark

The Stark’s are a loyal, honorable, and hard-working house. This house does not mind getting their hands dirty to get the job done. They do not tolerate deceit or secrecy, but tend to act and react in haste without fully realizing the consequences of their actions. The team you’re assigned might go through a lot of turnover, and the folks that take over can often be less than ideal.

The Starks tend to keep their agencies mid-size, with a few smaller arms in different areas. If businesses are going through a rebrand, the Starks are also good at bringing businesses back to life.

They’ll produce high-level work for you, but their organization might seem a little sloppy at times. At least one of them, inevitably, will withhold very important information that could have prevented a lot of trouble for everyone.

House Targaryen

The Targaryen’s (like us) are relatively new to the industry. It is known.

They had a vision of what their world would look like, and they worked hard to gather all of the necessary information, searching in multiple cities to find the right people for their teams. They are a very diverse group of people who listen carefully and seek advice from multiple sources before coming to a decision.

They might be a little green to the industry, but it doesn’t scare them. The Targaryen agencies are willing to go the extra mile to help you out, often at their own cost. #RIPViserion

And you know the work they produce will always be lit because they have @#&% DRAGONS!


The Wildlings are wild and free people, bound to no agency. This group (freelancers) is also very diverse and segmented. Some have experience in the different houses, some used to be giants in the industry, and some are self-starters.

The Wildlings are also hard workers, but their deliverables can be hit or miss. Some will work really hard to woo you to get the business, then trip you on your own rope. Some will be very attentive, produce quality work, and you’ll likely end up hiring them full-time. The rest are just hungry.

Most Wildlings, however, will not be able to provide you the full-service experience and offerings to really build your brand that one of the other agency houses can provide.

There’s always a risk in the game of branding agencies. Searching for the right branding agency depends on what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Ultimately, when you choose an agency like us, you’ll be receiving quality work, loyalty, and full commitment to your brand. Whether your business needs a sigil (branding), a website, or social media marketing, we’ve got a full team that will listen to your needs and respond with the best we can offer you.

You just have to decide which house you’re willing to trust with your brand. Just remember where Lady Oleena Tyrell, the queen of thorns, pledged fealty.

Remember that the marketplace is dark and full of terrors without a brand, so go ahead and send us those ravens.

We’re ready to go to war to make your business the true king of the iron throne!

A brand has no name? Schedule a time for your brand immersion strategy#WhatsBrandedMayNeverDie