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Going Beyond Creative: The Road to Rebranding

Written by Brad McElroy

When we started Eighty Three Creative, we knew we wanted to do things differently. We didn’t want to be just another creative agency that cranks out brand logos and pretty pictures. We wanted to be a full-service advertising agency that could help real business owners who are passionate about their brand succeeding and thriving in an over-saturated and highly competitive market. So that’s what we set out to do, starting with a small team of six people.

The Beginning Wasn’t Easy

As with any startup, we had a lot of learning to do in a short period of time. From establishing our processes and internal workflows to client meeting protocols and new business acquisition efforts, everything needed to be done. To say we were building the plane in the air would be completely accurate. It seemed like the second we settled on something, we’d get a project that would make us second-guess and reoptimize our processes. And don’t even get us started on attracting new business as a fresh-faced agency.

Our first client was City Electric Supply (CES), a family-owned electrical wholesale company. Our founding employees all met working as part of the in-house marketing team for CES before deciding they wanted to take on additional clients. Thankfully, CES trusted us completely and allowed us to transition their internal marketing department into an ad agency, one that could take on external clients while being their agency of record. While the model was anything but traditional, it worked for us. We had a team dedicated to CES and began to build a team specifically for other clients.

How We’ve Evolved

Nearly four years after starting ETC, we’ve gone from a small agency of six to a dynamic and diverse office of almost 50 people. While the company was thriving and growing quicker than we could have ever anticipated, what wasn’t evolving was our brand personality and identity. We had been so focused on keeping our clients happy and drumming up new business that we hadn’t taken the time to redefine who we are, what matters to us, and what we seek to accomplish in the world of advertising. So, seeing as things were well-established and all our clients happy, we asked ourselves, “Who are we and what do we want to be known for?”

It quickly became apparent that the same brand conceived four years ago did not adequately represent the diverse team of talent that we had become. So, we decided to put the agency through a brand immersion and begin the long road to rebranding.

An Agency Going Beyond Creative

When we began to analyze our brand and think about what made us different from the other agencies out there, we started thinking about our client experience — our flexibility and dedication to making the client happy, regardless of their clout or budget. We kept going back to the question, “What do people look for in a marketing agency?” While it would be easy to assume it’s a logo that fits their vision or a website that can take their business to the next level, we think it’s much more than that. We believe it’s a team they love working with; one they know they can trust — the vibe they get when they walk in the office, and the thrill of endless potential.

People aren’t choosing an agency just because they can design a logo or website — we all do that — they’re choosing an agency that goes beyond creative to deliver cutting-edge marketing solutions and first-rate customer service that goes beyond their expectations. Simply put, they’re looking for an agency that goes beyond. From this thinking, the concept of beyond creative was born, which now functions as our tagline and the defining rationale behind who we are and the way we do business.

Rebranding can be tough, especially when it represents so many people and countless hours of dedication to their craft. But when it comes down to it, a lot has changed since we opened our doors four years ago, and it only made sense that our brand would evolve with us. While we may look different, our dedication to going beyond creative to deliver cutting-edge marketing solutions and first-rate customer service that exceeds expectations remains the same. The only difference is it’s clearly defined now.

Welcome to the new Eighty Three Creative.

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