Hey Siri, Take Us to The Adobe Max Conference

Adobe MAX 2018 draws in creatives from all over the world. With over 15,000 seats, the Los Angeles Convention Center was packed as Adobe began to feature some of the latest updates and changes to their programs. From new AR software to the unveiling of Photoshop CC’s iPad functionality, our design team at Eighty Three Creative got to take it all in as well as attend some refreshing speakers to help unleash their creative potential.


Here’s what they learned:



What was your favorite session at Adobe Max, and why?


Alaycia: My favorite session at Adobe Max was “Hack Your Creativity: Banish Your Inner Critic.” This session focused on eliminating barriers, insecurities, and doubts you have within yourself that keep us from reaching our creative potentials. The speaker directed us to reprogram our minds, stop self-sabotaging, and stop hiding in plain sight.

We usually kill our ideas before they come out and I thought it was a much-needed confidence boost for creatives.


Juan: Gemma O’Brian’s “Mural Work.” Gemma specializes in lettering, illustration, and typography.

I loved seeing the process and train of thought behind the expressive calligraphy and detailed illustrations made by Gemma. This helped me organize my thoughts and processes before jumping into a new project.


Dustin: This is a tough one, but I think I will go with Aaron Draplin’s “The One That Got Away.” He gave some really great insight into logo design and the importance of taking a concept as far as you can, even if it’s not that great. On top of that, it was just a very entertaining presentation. One of the more memorable pieces of advice he offered was this: “If you’re sitting on an idea, find the people that can do it, and make it happen.”


Xenia: My favorite session was “Presenting Like a Pro.” Presenting in front of a big audience was always a struggle for me so it was very useful to listen to the famous photographer Scott Kelby talk about some of his favorite, powerful, and effective techniques for slide design and delivery, including when, why, and how to use music, video, and images.

What new Adobe update are you most excited about, and why?


Alaycia: There will be a Photoshop app in 2019 that will not be a diluted version, but the full software. While on the go, I have struggled with illustrating work and editing in Photoshop apps that will not let you do everything the desktop version does. Now, I do not have to use my Wacom drawing tablet as much, but my iPad.


Juan: Video Color Grading – Selective

The new Lumier color tool makes it easier to fine tune colors in videos.


Dustin: For me, the most exciting updates in Creative Cloud were the small but important tweaks to the tried-and-true. Being able to have infinite Control-Z in Photoshop is like someone giving me free coffee. And the auto-layout and intelligent photo placement/auto-sizing/cropping is a gamechanger. It will allow my team to be more efficient “in design.”


Xenia: I’m really excited about the upcoming Photoshop CC for the iPad. Finally, I can use Photoshop on my iPad without exporting files and transferring it to my desktop computer.


Which of the Adobe Sneaks interested you the most?


Alaycia: I’m interested in the Fantastic Fold which analyzes a dieline and automatically determines the folded 3D shape. We will not have to struggle with matching folds and designs perfectly with a dieline, saving time and cost.


Juan: #ProjectSmoothOperator

Video content is hard to manipulate when posting to social media sites due to its variable aspect ratios and the way my videos are filmed.  This tool would help me track an object on a video and keep it in frame no matter what the aspect ratio is converted to. 


Xenia: I was really impressed by Adobe Dimension; it makes it very easy to work with 3D objects. The most exciting new feature is connecting your phone to Adobe Dimension and using your phone as a camera in the program.


What was your overall take away/experience at Adobe Max?


Alaycia: My overall experience at Adobe Max gave me a different outlook on how I approach my work. A lot of the speakers, attendees, and Adobe employees make work for themselves.

Passion projects are important because they drive the work you can potentially create for a client. Experimenting, failing, and trying again is vital to growth. Many of the new updates for Adobe probably had a lot to do with an idea that started as trial and error then finally turned into a success.


Juan: The take away is a sort of refreshing of thoughts and emotions, a better perspective of the collection of ideas and desires in my mind.

It was a slight adjustment to help me organize the cluster of dots in my head in order to form a clearer picture.

There is inspiration all around us. Ideas travel through our mind, but we must write them down and work them into reality.  Only through lessons can we learn, so we mustn’t stand idly by afraid of the race but know that we will succeed at our own pace. 


Dustin: If you’re looking to actually gain knowledge and industry-insight, this is an excellent conference to attend. My key takeaway is this: Make the easy things easy so we can make the hard things possible.


Xenia: The conference was very inspirational and informative, I’ve learned things that have made my creative process much more efficient. I left the conference feeling inspired and motivated. Great creative and fun environment, where I met other top creative professionals from around the world.


Whether it’s overcoming creative potholes, seeking inspiration for their own projects, or just seeing new program features that will make their lives and projects easier to work with, our designers saw the best that Adobe MAX had to offer. Our creative team is ready for new challenges and to deliver from those experiences they learned. Let’s talk about what your business goals are and how we can help you.