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How to Write Blogs Your Audience Will Love

Written by Beatriz McDonald

Many bloggers overlook the planning process of building blogs, but it’s crucial if you want to write blogs your audience will love. After all, you want people to come back to your site after reading one blog post, right? Designing the right online blog posts will get you more engagement, more clicks to your articles, and will give you a greater chance to give your brand exposure.

Content creation is not just for the sake of writing but it’s also to hit your brand’s goal. Creating compelling blog content on your site helps build your brand and achieve those goals. But creating great content isn’t enough. The attention span for internet users is very low. You are probably scanning the blog post as you read this sentence, or you didn’t even get a chance to read it.

On-Page Optimization is Crucial

You only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention, and every precious moment counts. You may wonder, “Why are users leaving my page before they’ve had a chance to hear my story?” Simply put, users screen and glean a website during the first moments of their visit. If the website passes the initial skimming test, the site is likely to be explored longer and more thoroughly.

Internet users can only take so much content before they lose interest. That’s why page optimization counts as much as your content does. Frequently updated content plays a big role in how well your site ranks. A clean and easy-to-navigate site with a mobile responsive design also plays a major impact on the site’s ranking. When you structure your blog, the content must include visual representation such as photography, video, or even data visualization like infographics.

Stop creating boring, generic, and common-sense content. Creating content is not difficult. The tough part comes from creating content that is visual, attracts visitors, and is ultimately shareable.

Engage the Reader

The anatomy of your blogs should include well-designed posts that resonate with your readers. Your blog posts should:

  • Stand from the rest
  • Be shareable
  • Be interactive
  • Longform – depending on content
  • Include graphics
  • Be easy to digest

Build Your Audience

Pageviews are great, but reader engagement is far more valuable. You’ll only get readers that resonate with your posts on a personal level.

There’s a saying: If you market to everyone, you reach no one; if you write to everyone, you write for no one.

When creating your blogs, create them for a specific audience. Specificity is the key. This will attract the right people to your blog, create engagement, and they will ultimately return to your blog posts for more useful, fun, and shareable content.

You’ll want to have a very clear person pictured in your head: Figure out who they are, what they love, how old they are, what their income is, etc. This is the time to find out who your audience is and what makes them tick! Defining your ideal reader is never easy; it takes some research, but you can always get resources online.

Understand Your Audience

So how do you reach your audience? If you know your ideal audience is in their teens, you’ll be sure to find them on Snapchat. According to Adweek, Snapchat is the fastest growing social network for millennials.

Here’s a fun fact for you: Snapchat now has 8 billion video views every day, rivaling Facebook.

If you know your audience loves photography, you’ll find them on Instagram where your audience resonates well.

Knowing the geographical location of your readers will be helpful when you decide when and where to publish your content. I can go on and on about social media marketing, but that’s a whole other blog post.

What Should You Write About?

Here’s a checklist I like to go through whenever I publish a new piece of content. It’s very useful to ask yourself the following questions to ensure you’ve caught the attention of your visitor.

  • Does my headline capture the visitor’s attention?
  • Do I hook the reader in the beginning of my first paragraph?
  • Are my graphics appealing inside my blog post?
  • Does the page interact with the user?
  • Do I have any useful internal links?
  • Is this blog post useful and valuable?
  • Does it meet my overall objectives?
  • Is this content engaging and appealing to the visitor? Your blog post should be unique so your audience can connect to it. I’m talking about writing content that makes them laugh, makes them think, is relatable, and is the type of content that will be shared by people.

Once you’ve come up with a topic, change things up a little. Here are a few things you can do to make your blogs more enticing.

  • Infographic – I’m a big fan of infographics. Nothing engages your audience more than turning a boring bunch of numbers, data, and research into a visual representation.
  • Video – Engage with your audience directly and create a video where you talk directly to the camera – Did you know 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video?
  • GIFs – Captivate your audience using GIFs.

Successful entrepreneur and industry expert Gary Vaynerchuck remains consistent in producing great content daily, and he records videos every single day. He does a very good job reaching his target audience using all the right platforms.

“Pump out content — if you don’t produce something every day, you’ll be out-hustled. The more content I can put out, the more luck I have. You have to get into the content game. You have to force yourself to make more videos, write more posts.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

Write Blogs That Dazzle!

Your brand has to evolve the way your audience evolves. You have to constantly look for new ways that you can connect with your audience so you can cater to their needs. In order to stand out in the blogging world, you must differentiate yourself in the way you create your content. Don’t just write copy, add graphical elements to your piece and make your writing come alive.

Don’t be afraid to bring something new to the table. Keep your content new, fun, and refreshing. If you become too one-dimensional, then you become boring and people will stop looking at your site. This is why it’s great to mix things up! Words in a blog post are just not enough. Add more elements so when your visitors find you, they will come back for more.

How many of those elements can you work into your next blog post? Now go create some fun blog posts that your audience can’t wait to read!

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