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How We Hit the Jackpot with City Electric Supply

Written by Brad McElroy

City Electric Supply is a family-owned electrical wholesale distributor dedicated to providing the best customer service in the United States since 1983. We partnered with them to develop a mobile application to encourage brand interaction in a fun and relevant way.

The Challenge

City Electric Supply wanted a new way to engage with their customers, suppliers, and employees in a way that didn’t feel like an advertisement or a marketing campaign. Many of their branches were already running paper football pools, so expanding this idea into something that could reach a much larger audience seemed like a great choice.

The Solution

Picks by City Electric Supply was developed by Eighty Three Creative as a native app for both iOS and Android. The game stores the NFL season schedule and users make their weekly picks up to one hour before kickoff. As the games complete, we tally the scores of the user’s correctly picked matches, which were shown on the weekly leaderboard.

This approach had two main advantages. By asking the user for new picks every week, we keep high engagement in the app throughout the season. Clearing the leaderboard each week also gives users a level playing field and the opportunity to jump in at any point in the season and still reach the top of the charts and win prizes.

To make this a successful marketing campaign and build revenue for City Electric Supply, we reached out to some of the client’s more established vendors and sold advertising spots within the app itself. This revenue is used to award prizes to the top three places on the weekly leaderboard, which gives a great incentive to keep playing the entire season.

The goal was to keep some of the existing brand elements in addition to the app’s own branding identity to increase mindshare.


  • 473,922 ad impressions
  • 8,117 ad clicks
  • 389,900 picks made
  • Overall average 4.8/5 stars from 354 ratings on the iOS store
  • 21.9% of active users have the CES app installed

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