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Meet the Grammar Nerds

Peep the perturbs and preferred punctuation of our peachy pack of penmen. (Try saying that five times.) Meet the Grammar Nerds from Eighty Three Creative, Inc on Vimeo.

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How Black Panther Created the Ultimate Experience for Viewers

Black Panther Just Sank the Titanic Marvel’s Black Panther opened in theaters in February this year and I’ve seen it twice, loc’d my hair, and officially planned my retirement to Wakanda.   Judge me if you want—I can’t be the only one who went home and googled vibranium. From a marketer’s lens, I’m not the […]

By: Beatriz McDonald
April 10, 2018

8 Tips for Writing Better Copy

Lessons from a Copywriter: “Write Purrdy” Copywriting is the art of creating content to advertise a product or service. The ultimate goal is to persuade an audience to take a particular action, whether that’s buying a product, signing up for an email list, or subscribing to a service. As with any art form, there are […]

By: Josh Bloodworth
March 29, 2018

The Most Overlooked Component of Content Marketing Today

The Power of Why Confession: Marketers are obsessed with finding different ways to describe content marketing. For content strategists, a perfect day means spending hours analyzing data and discovering ways to hack Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms (sorry, Mark.) We put together fancy decks mapping audience personas to a content matrix. But, client research brings us to […]

By: Beatriz McDonald
March 12, 2018

Why Your Paid Search and Paid Social Media Should Marry

Are you paying attention to the romance your Google Analytics has with your social media ad campaigns? Do you realize that you must do everything in your power to join them together and nurture that relationship? Yes, you have to play cupid with paid search and social. Online success is super dependent on social media […]

By: Beatriz McDonald
February 28, 2018

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