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Meet the Grammar Nerds

Peep the perturbs and preferred punctuation of our peachy pack of penmen. (Try saying that five times.) Meet the Grammar Nerds from Eighty Three Creative, Inc on Vimeo.

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How To Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategy for Free

Mapping out your customer journey is a key element of leveraging your marketing efforts. However, it is very time-consuming and can be difficult to understand where to start. Instead of going through research heavy and time-consuming processes, I’m going to show you how to analyze what competitors are doing to see what’s working and how you […]

By: Parker Brown
January 31, 2018

3 Things to Consider for Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

3 Inbound Marketing Strategies You Need to Improve This Year Last year, 2017 – the year everyone was sensitive about everything and it was yet another milestone in the realm of digital marketing. Digital marketing as a whole experienced a number of changes. In 2018, search, social, and paid advertising have new aspects to consider and […]

By: Parker Brown
January 9, 2018

Your 2018 Marketing Needs to Wake Up

Top Things We Learned at the Dallas Digital Summit Ah the digital summit – a time for reflecting, learning, and planning ahead on what’s to come for our industry in 2018. We arrived open-minded, ready for copious amounts of coffee, note-taking, and super excited about implementing new strategies for our clients this coming year. It […]

By: Beatriz McDonald
December 22, 2017

What is Copyright and How it Applies to Image Licensing and Ownership

Many people online are asking questions about how and why they should license images they would like to use for their websites, school projects, or blogs. There is not always an easy answer to this question, but perhaps we can help you by pointing out some essential things to understand about licensing and copyright. In […]

By: Ray Detwiler
December 11, 2017

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