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Do I Need an App?

Are you reading this from a mobile device? We’re willing to bet you are.

Roughly 65% of all digital media is consumed on mobile, and apps account for nearly 90% of mobile media time. While not all projects lend themselves to a mobile application, it’s easy to see why developing one could be beneficial to your business. With the proper planning, design, and marketing, your product can become a staple in consumers’ daily routine.

At ETC, we’ll not only build your application from scratch, we’ll make sure it succeeds.

Market Your App

What We Do

  • App Marketing

  • App Strategy

  • Maintenance & Support

  • Quality Assurance

  • UX/UI Design

Our Approach

App vs Web

Should you build a website for desktop use or a mobile app? While most projects can be adapted to either format, we’ll review all the aspects of your project with our user experience experts and decide where to apply early efforts.

Native vs Web

The answer to this question is almost always a native mobile app — the result is a smoother, faster, and better-looking product — but there are specific projects that are well-suited for a mobile site as well.

Web Platform Management

Many mobile applications have extensive back-end services with settings that must be managed by your team. We can build the app, the backend, and the web dashboard so you can manage it all.

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Nothing Is Outsourced

From start to finish, you can rest assured knowing our team will take care of every aspect of your app’s development — from strategy and marketing to maintenance and support.

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