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Why Your Brand Should Post on Social Media Every Day (and How to Do it Efficiently)

Written by Beatriz McDonald

Does your business find itself asking the question: “How often should I post on social media?”

You probably do, because it’s one of the most common questions businesses ask themselves. The truth is, posting once on social media every day will get you engagement, shares, and traffic. Sure, it will get you something. But what if you’re not getting the proper results you want?

You Have a Social Presence, Now What?

When you post infrequently, it’s most likely you’re only hurting your brand. Your audience will also forget you exist, your brand will be forgotten, and you’ll be buried in the dark shelves of social media sites. However, if you’re posting too frequently let’s say, like three to four times a day, you’re a complete nuisance to your audience and it’s most likely that they’ll get rid of you by unfollowing you and unfriending you.

Neither scenario is good for your business, so don’t get unfriended. That leads us with the same question again, how often should you really post on social media?

You Must Have a Social Media Strategy

First of all, your business must have a social media marketing strategy. This will help you determine what your overarching business goals are, target a specific audience, have a competitive advantage, and increase your online exposure. The truth is, your business should be posting content at least once a day — and not just any content. Your content should be useful, beautifully designed, and follow your brand’s social strategy.

Quality content is important when it comes to your online community and if you’re looking to grow your online presence, take a look and consider the following tips for giving your audience what they want, when they want it.


Facebook is a high-value network, but if you post too frequently, you’re only annoying your audience. We recommend posting once a day or a max of twice a day. Each post should offer something valuable and interesting to your audience.


For Twitter, you can get away with posting at least three to five times a day. This is a high-volume network and it is also fast-paced. Your business can share content created by you, and reshare content from other sources. Just make sure the content is relevant to your brand and will be interesting for your followers.


Users love interacting with their favorite brands. We recommend posting on Instagram at least once a day. This kind of schedule makes your brand a regular presence in your followers’ lives as they scroll through their feeds. However, posting more than twice a day could cause you to lose page likes.

Brands are quickly moving away from Snapchat to Instagram stories for additional daily and weekly sharing. Whether your brand is on Snapchat or not, Instagram stories generally provide a larger audience view, have the ability to use hashtags, tag other accounts, and tag locations.

Plus, the amount of people your brand is likely to reach on Instagram is usually far greater than on Snapchat. Sharing a story either once or twice a week on Instagram stories is a great opportunity for your brand, but we digress. This is another avenue that lets you share creative content and drive your social goals.

Plan Social with a Content Calendar

Remember, how often you post on each platform really depends on your strategies and goals rather than making your pages look pretty. Try it and see what works for your brand. Consider experimenting for a month, analyze the results, and then revisit your strategy to determine if you need to increase your content. Remember to create and publish content using the right dimensions.

Timing is everything, so the next step is figuring out what the best time is to post your content. You want to keep in mind what the social peak hours are throughout the day, but that’s certainly another blog post for another day. For now, it is essential that you start with a solid social strategy. If you’re already at that stage, but need help planning out your social content calendar, we can help.

Because healthy brands have a buzzy social presence! If your business needs a more thorough social media marketing plan, our social packages are designed to help your business maintain and grow your online presence.

Don’t worry, we’ll get you those likes and shares you want, but most importantly, we’ll help you stay on top of your strategy game. Give us a call to get started on the right social media marketing solution for your business.

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