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Why Your Business Needs an Improved Website

Written by Beatriz McDonald

According to a Google study, 48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when they visit websites that are poorly optimized for mobile. This means there’s a greater chance that users are leaving your site. In 2019, having a responsive website design is a must and here’s why having a solid web presence is so important for your brand.

The Core of Your Digital Marketing Activities

First of all, let’s face it, your website is the core of your online marketing activities. If you look at all the marketing channels and techniques, what they actually do is bring visitors to your site. If your company doesn’t have an online presence, or it isn’t up to date, you’re losing business. The main purpose of your site is turning these visitors into customers. In marketing terms, this is called conversion.

How Do You Create Conversions?

Well, for one, you must have a website! Once you have that, you must have a website that is exquisitely designed. According to Vistaprint, 34% of customers are unlikely to shop with a business if it does not have a website, and 45% of customers are unlikely to buy from a business with a poorly designed website. A bad site will likely cause you to waste money on other marketing methods because you don’t need more visitors if you can’t turn them into customers. So, the better your website design and easier it is to navigate, the more visitors are converted into customers.

Does a Website Work for My Business?

It doesn’t really matter whether you sell consumer products online, provide local services, or build houses, you need a professional website. The problem is, many people in the industry call themselves web designers. However, most “web designers” have remedial coding knowledge and lack the resources to deliver a successful website. Of course, without much planning, they will pretty quickly create a website for you with lots of information. As we’ve found out though, lots of information won’t necessarily lead to conversions. Only a professionally done website will lead you to conversions and ultimately, new customers.

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Without a web presence, your brand is missing out on tons of new customers and possibly thousands of dollars on transactions. We have the perfect solution for growing your business.

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