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You Absolutely Need Professional Photography on Social Media. Here’s Why.

Written by Brad McElroy

Professional photography and your brand go together like Starbucks and coffee, or McDonald’s and golden arches, or Meryl Streep and Oscar nominations (she holds the record at 21 right now). Pick some of your favorite brands, scroll through how they look on social media, and you’ll get the idea. Through consistent, professional brand imagery, companies have nailed what their brands should be associated with, how they should look, and, more importantly, how their products and services should feel at a glance.

You know the saying: you have one chance to make a good first impression. In the digital marketing world, that one chance lasts about half a second, and we’re probably being conservative in that estimate. So, better make that first impression count. Here’s how: professional photography. Now here’s why.

Set a Brand Standard.

A professional photographer does way more than just snap a photo. (If you don’t think so, our in-house photographer has something to say. Give us a call to find out.)

A photographer treats your brand with integrity. They make sure that whatever is being communicated visually is being done purposefully for your audience.

Imagine your brand. Visualize it. Now close your eyes… but keep reading.

Think of your photos for social media as a visual language. Do you want your brand to look low quality, pixelated, off-center, or worse, overly filtered? Probably not.

Do you want it to look like it could win awards, or better yet, sales? Probably.

Whatever you’re going for, a professional photographer will give it to you, and then some. Hold your brand to the highest standard; they will do the same.

Strengthen Your Brand’s Identity.

At the end of the day, social media users want to look at stunning images. It has to be captivating and interesting, but, more importantly, it has to be immediately and identifiably you. With a strong Instagram grid of impressive imagery, or a long Facebook feed of compelling posts, you increase your brand’s credibility and set yourself apart from competitors in your space. There’s a lot of likes to get (about 4.2 billion on Instagram a day). Go get them with professional photos.

Do More with Your Brand.

Photographers are creative people. They use lighting, angles, props, editing, and even more aces up their sleeve to pull off incredible photos. If you want to breathe more creative life into your brand, a photographer will help. Come up with an idea, and they’ll tell you how it can be done. Or better yet, they’ll give you one in return. How refreshing is that? Just make sure you unlimit your imagination. We love to work on the edge of what most consider impossible.

Tell Your Brand Story.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but we like to think it’s worth even more interactions. Every time you post, you tell your brand story. Through your social media images, you can display your brand’s personality, and soon, all of the collective images you’ve posted tell a story about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Want to be a revolutionary shoe company for the bold? Want to show yourself off as a disruptive brand in the highly competitive industry of women’s skincare? Want to just get more likes and sales? Done and done and done.

Be Less Busy.

Easier said than done, right? Not when you have a social media photographer.

Imagine how much time it takes to set up a product shot. You have to worry about lighting, background, props, photo editing, clicking a button on the camera… it’s a very involved process. Now imagine trying to fit all that into your busy day.

Staging for social media photos is a very time-consuming process, and who is better equipped to handle it than a professional photographer? Trust us on this one. We understand better than most. Social media marketing is a full-time job and so is taking photos.

Look Authentic.

OK, we’ll give this one to you. You don’t want to look overly polished, or too sophisticated, or like you’re trying to appear in National Geographic. You want to appear original, authentic, bold, like you don’t care about the status quo. That’s fine. You need a professional photographer.

Nobody understands the impact of photos on social media better. If you want to look authentic and real, a photographer will give that to you. The difference is that it will be punctuated with intention. It’ll be more powerful, more impactful, and it’ll just look better.

That’s a Wrap.

All great things start with a look. Whether it’s how you look or just getting more customers to look, we have a full-service photo studio to give you just that. Bring your ideas, bring your story, bring your brand. We’ll bring it all to life.

We’re totally not biased, but we happen to think we have the best in-house professional photography studio out there. If you want to find out why, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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